#DaysofTraffic Day 01

…. Just kidding. I got bored of ranting about traffic after that long post.


Makes me wanna sleep z_z

I have the urge to go and post another chapter of the story this weekend or so. Hmm.

Better start writing then

**Scribble Scribble Scribble**

It’s alive and I’m tired. The Usual.

After a long time of Hiatus, I suppose it’s about time to post again!

Live, Blog-san! Liiiive~!

Being busy these past few months made me want to just rest, and that I did. Aaah I can’t wait for Summer break~.

A good way of celebrating this wonderful event that even makes the Easter Bunny cry is by… you guessed it… Ranting! Wooooo

Disclaimer: Traffic Sucks

Even they are affected by it >_>

The traffic was so horrible that for an hour, I was able to reflect on my life and still have the time to imagine myself going into Narnia and rule the fuck out of them. Exaggerations aside, the bus was stuck for that long in that road that only extends a few kilometers, which can be walked end to end from where the bus entered the road till where it ends for 5 to 10 minutes. Note that the bus was able to travel up to the middle of the said road without any problems and then it was stuck for an hour or so. My 45 – 60 minutes travel time became 60 – 90 and is still like that even now.

We sure ain’t with this fucking traffic

You might think “Eh, China has it worse.” That’s reasonable, this ain’t. It’s pure stupidity on why the traffic even happened in the first place.

So Pyushis-san, What caused this traffic?

Simple. The illiteracy and the irresponsibility of the drivers which includes, but is not limited to, some of the Public Transportation drivers (ie: Buses). In their shit hole driving school, they were taught that Green means Go, Yellow means Go Faster, and if its red, Step on that gas like no fucking tomorrow. Aside from that, you know those boxes on the intersection with an x marked shape in it?

This one?

^ Yes, That one. Apparently they were also taught that that symbol means to fucking block the intersection and not let the incoming traffic pass the fuck through.

And add in the fucking list that while the buses earlier were doing both of those shits, they were also loading up the buses with passengers in the middle of the fucking intersection, because why the fuck not, right?

Because fuck you, that’s why

The saddest part is that the local authorities already deployed numerous amounts of Traffic Aid in order to avoid these problems from happening. Lo and Behold, it’s not effective.

So in order to commemorate this reviving post, I shall start the #100daysoftraffic because just like the goal of #100daysofhappiness, my goal here is to *enter something deep and interesting*. And that’s pretty much my goal.

It’s not like I did that cause I’m bored…

Spending with games.

I’m currently playing a game whose RMT is so cheap, I just got the urge to just buy in-game credits and spend tons in the process.

That’s such a good deal right?


I realized why it was cheap after spending a couple of dollars. All of the items bought in real money are lottery based. You may not get the item that you want. Now that’s screwed up. If you don’t notice it right away you might spend more than what you’ve spent on any other games…

But does that stop me from buying in-game credits?


Nah. I like my characters being unique and shit. Everyone can have a free item but only a few owns a cash item.

Chapter 3

Well I got sidetracked by a game and I already spent some money on it. Lol. Am i planning to spend more? Yes. Yes I am.

Hearing Clarisse’s scream, I dropped the freshly drawn bucket of water and rushed to the house. I ignored the branches covering the path and forced my way through, getting cut in the process. I ignored the pain and as I finally saw the house, it was burning. Everything that was once beautiful was defiled. The roof collapsed, the table outside was turned over, and even the plants have been burning. As I stood there, I saw two injured men dragging clarrise out. Her clothes were torn, her hair disarranged and her breathing is ragged. I cautiously walked towards those bastards. One guy threw his sword in his hand and told the other “Hold her down on that table for me.” As I heard that line, I lost all of my sense of reason and swiftly rushed in. The men were surprised at my sudden appearance and in turn, they failed to make a swift proper judgement to the current situation.I grabbed the thrown sword and I hacked it in the neck of the man trying to violate Clarisse. “FUCK YOU!” The other man shouted as he tried to hit my head with his sword. I managed to avoid a fatal injury by placing my right arm on the path of the blade. The cut was deep. I was bleeding everywhere. But that didn’t stop me. “I’m going to kill you. You’re not leaving this place alive, no. You’re going to follow your dipshit friend in fucking hell.” I ran towards the assailant. I rolled to the ground, avoiding his horizontal slice on my head and i planted the sword in his stomach. “Go fucking rot in hell” I whispered to his ear as I rotated the sword inside his stomach. I then pulled the sword out and stabbed his heart. I quickly left him after stabbing his heart and went to clarisse. She has a wound on her left eye. “Kane…. I cant see on my left eye…. It’s so dark…. I’m scared.”
I hugged her tightly as she cried with her burning house as our background.

Chapter 2

It has been a month since I started freeloading in Clarisse’s house. Her house is located in the middle of the vast forest in the continent. According to her, the vast forest, known as the devil’s forest, is not occupied by any of the countries in the continent due to the amount of viscous beasts that live in it. “Its thanks to that that this house was spared from the war.” She tenderly placed her hand on one of the wooden wall of the house and let out a relaxing smile. I once asked her what happened to her parents she just looked outside the window and replied in a low voice “They’re gone. Everything they possess were also seized by the troops of Canaria. The only thing left is this house and everything in it.” “I’m sorry to hear that” I replied in a depressed tone. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it. Past is past anyways.” She said in a gleeful manner “…and its hard to exact my revenge as well.” she added. Had I not been observing her during my stay, I wouldn’t be able to notice the sadness and anger in her statement.

During my free time in the house, I sometimes study the map and read some books in order to gain back my knowledge about this world. There are currently 3 known continent in the world namely Northern, Central and South Eastern Continent. The devil’s forest is located in the southeast of the central continent. There are 4 countries in the central continent. The country of Alexia, Canaria, Venice, and Ludwig. According to Clarisse, the country of Canaria was once a peaceful, prosperous country but all of that changed when the king suddenly died from an unknown illness. The successor that replaced the king was everything but a great one. He waged and lost countless of pointless wars, splurged all of the treasury for women and alcohol and ordered the nobles to give homage unless they want to see their heads rolling in the ground. Clarisse’s parents refused to give homage towards the king as he is not worthy of the people’s respect. That act angered the lunatic king and ordered for Clarisse’s family to be killed and their possessions be seized. Clarisse managed to escape thanks to her parents sacrificing their lives. She escaped towards the Devil’s forest and started to live in the cabin that belongs to her beloved parents, The last memento she has from them.

“What are you doing?” Clarisse asked as she was placing down the basket of fruits and vegetables she harvested. “I’m currently reading books about the central continent. I figured that since I lost my memory, I should stuff basic knowledge on my brain” I replied as I made a silly face. She laughed and started preparing our food. “Ah.” She exclaimed “I forgot to get some water.” “I’ll go fetch it, I can’t have you be the one doing everything here.” I shrugged. She smiled once again and said “Thank you. I’ll be troubling you then.” Aaah her smile really brightens up my day. “Then I’m off!” I heard her giggle while I rushed outside to fetch some water.

“Say aaaaah”(Clarisse)
“Oh you have some food on your cheeks. Let me get that for you.”(Clarisse)
“Ah no it’s fine”(Me)
“Rejection Denied!”(Clarisse)
She then placed her hands on my cheek, removed the bit of jam with her delicate finger, and placed it in her mouth.

As I was letting my imagination go wild I almost tripped on a tiny rock. “That was close. The river is that not far from here. It should be around… Ah there it is.” I filled up the bucket with water. “Okay now I have to hurry back before it gets too dark.” I started to walk towards the house, thinking about what dinner will be.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” A loud scream suddenly permeated through the forest. “… It came from the direction of the house!” I dropped the bucket and started to sprint. “Please let her be safe.” I prayed again and again.

Chapter 1

Well I’m going to leave it here now. Happy reading!

(Did this instead of doing my paper due on the 15th. Hahaaa…… *sigh)


My name is…





Bodies are falling one after another! “Shit. At this rate, we will be overrun! You there, Reinforce the line! If they get past us, Everyone will die!” “What about our back up?! They were supposed to be here hours a..” The recruit’s head was shot right before my eyes. Shit! Shit shit shit! At this rate, they’ll break through within a few minutes. After that they’ll take the last line of defense then main base and it will be all over. “How many of you are still alive?!” I shouted towards the supposed location of my troops yet no one responded. “Aaaah, I better warn the wall.” I gathered the remaining arrows, placed my bow on my back, sheathed the dagger and started to travel towards the last line of defense, the “Iron Wall”. The distance between the Iron wall and the place I was situated in was 100km. “Iron Wall” isn’t literally a wall made up of iron but it is a mountain range that allowed the troops to outmaneuver the enemy. The topological advantage it holds is the key towards the stability of the countries in this continent. Should it fall, the other countries will definitely take this opportunity to broaden their borders and capture some lands. As I entered the forest that will lead to the wall, I heard dozens of footsteps approaching me. I picked up my pace and sprinted towards the bridge that allows a passage across the rapids. Countless arrows was released with me as its target. “Wow, this must be my lucky day, their aim is terrible.” I murmured to myself and not a second after, as I was crossing the bridge, an arrow struck my left leg and I fell into the water. “Shit!” My head bobbed up and down the river. The current in this river was so outrageous that I almost drowned for about 5 times now and I’ve hit my head dozens of times. As I was slow losing my consciousness, I prayed that my family in the country, Alexia, will be safe from harm. Then everything went black.

“I” hear various noises around me. “I” slowly  opened my eyes and found myself in a room. The room was made out of wood. There is a table and a chair, a bookshelf and a bed. As “I” was absentmindedly looking at the window, someone went inside. A girl, probably around the age of 18 entered the room. She wasn’t short and she wasn’t tall either. Her skin is white, and she has a straight black hair up to her waist. Her black eyes complemented her facial features, making her look beautiful. She smiled and asked me “How are you feeling?” “I… I’m better now…” then she asked me, “Whats your name?”

My name is…

… Name? name? What is my name?

… Who am I…

“I…don’t know.”

10 days after the fall of the “Iron Wall”, Alexia was captured and was erased from the map. Its former glory and power disappeared without even leaving a trace. No one was spared. and now, Alexia is but a wasteland and a country of the dead.

Papers and Plans

The amount of things my professors want me to do is too many!

Good thing I finished one paper and started to format the other, both to be passed tomorrow.

As soon as I finished defending our paper and finished writing another paper (Yes there are 4 papers due, second to the last is on the 12th and last one is on 15th) I shall start to write stories. That, I promise you, awesome person that reads this blog. 😀

procrastination? never again.